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Caring for Seniors during Extreme Weather

Recent weather events in Houston have brought disaster response back to the forefront.  How do Senior Care Agencies, like Senior Care Management Solutions, handle adverse weather conditions?  After all, clients are expecting care, and in many cases, can’t live without our caregivers.  So, when roads become impassable or power is out for extended periods of time, what should clients expect?  The fact is that we don’t realize how much we rely on the consistent operation of our power and water supply until it’s not available.  Driving a properly paved road is such a common luxury that when it’s icy or, as is the case in Houston currently, completely submerged in water, most of us have no way to travel.

So how do you deal with a homebound senior?

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In-Home Senior Care in conjunction with Independent and Assisted Living

Often, families are caught off guard when confronted with the fact that they need to add caregivers to the plan of care at the assisted living facility.  The first thought is the additional expense, but fear not!  A caregiver used in conjunction with the care and amenities provided at an independent/assisted living facility can be a terrific experience.

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Alzheimer’s: Caring for the Caregiver

After months of suspicion, it’s been confirmed. Your mother has Alzheimer’s Disease. You’ve been in denial, hoping that some of her behavior change was just natural aging. She’s had trouble speaking clearly and has forgotten what everyday items in her house are called. Where she once was an organized, meticulous planner and appointment-keeper, now she’s unable to navigate the most basic business and social appointments in her life. So after taking her to the neurologist, the truth is upon you.

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