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Busy moms, take notice

Maybe this scenario describes you: wake at 5am, prepare school lunches for kids, make the kids breakfast, get them up and out of bed and keep them moving strictly toward the shower and into their school clothes, get a shower and get dressed yourself, funnel down a cup of coffee, load the kids into the car, and head to school.
Next, you go to your place of employment where the demands of your job are numerous and varied: running your own business, calling on customers and potential clients, managing employees, solving problems, preparing presentations, submitting reports, etc…

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Is empathy a part of customer service? In our business, it better be. But think about the other areas of health care. Are providers, administrators, nurses, executive directors, physicians, therapists, care coordinators, social workers, marketing representatives, case managers, insurance agents, etc…etc… Are they empathetic to your situation? Do they at least act like they care?

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The Importance of Medicine Reminders

Medicinal Thoughts

In my opinion, many younger Americans are overmedicating themselves. They are looking for a magic pill to fix health problems that are a direct correlation to their poor lifestyle choices. However, our elderly population relies heavily on their medication to maintain their health and quality of life. And in some cases, to quite literally keep them alive.

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What Makes a Terrific Caregiver?

We Know What it Takes

Since we started Senior Care Management Solutions in 2009, we’ve seen thousands of clients and even more caregivers.  We’ve had the unique ability to identify which qualities are possessed by the best caregivers.  Despite significant employee turnover, a sizable chunk of our caregiver roster has been with us for several years.  Some since the first day. 

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Short Term Care

Here’s the Problem

Let’s say that your mother has undergone a surgical procedure and is set to be discharged tomorrow.  You’ve come to visit her in the hospital before work, during your lunch break, and after work over the last several days.  You know that she’s ready to go home, but you also worry that she may not be safe at home alone.

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How Senior Care works with Hospice Care

What is Hospice?

Many people simply have no idea. Some people are frightened by even the mention of the word because of it’s correlation to death and the process of dying. Let me do my best to explain hospice on behalf of our friends and colleagues in the hospice ministry. I say ministry because, like many of us in the senior industry, it’s a calling.

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Home for the Holidays

I love the last two months of the year.

These are the holiday months when we cook non-stop, making excessive amounts of unhealthy treats.  We brine a turkey for 24 hours then smoke it for 8 hours.  The grocery stores are full of Rice, Corn, and the elusive Wheat Chex.  There are special displays in the store containing all the ingredients for green bean casserole or sweet potato pie all in one location. 

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Senior Home Care Following Hip Replacement Surgery

Hip replacement surgery has become an extremely common procedure in the past 10 years.

As of 2014, a study by American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons revealed that almost 1% of the U.S. population is living with an artificial hip.  So, whether you are a senior citizen or the adult daughter or son of a senior citizen, it’s likely that you’ve had a hip replacement or you most certainly know someone who’s had one.

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Home Care Following a Stroke

You are in the car on the way home from work and you get a call from the hospital. Dad has had a stroke.  He will be treated to remove the clot and will undergo physical therapy to learn to walk again; speech therapy to learn to talk again; occupational therapy to learn to dress himself and feed himself again.  When he goes home, how are you going to care for him?

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