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Busy moms, take notice

Maybe this scenario describes you: wake at 5am, prepare school lunches for kids, make the kids breakfast, get them up and out of bed and keep them moving strictly toward the shower and into their school clothes, get a shower and get dressed yourself, funnel down a cup of coffee, load the kids into the car, and head to school.
Next, you go to your place of employment where the demands of your job are numerous and varied: running your own business, calling on customers and potential clients, managing employees, solving problems, preparing presentations, submitting reports, etc…

All the while you are checking your calendar for the kids’ after school events, which have become your other full-time job in addition to your real full-time job: piano after school, soccer after that, track practice after that, and basketball at the same time as soccer. Can one child ride with a friend’s parents to one practice while you are taking your other child and two of their friends to another? There’s tutoring at 6pm and a school talent show at 7.
You’ve left chicken out to thaw but when will you have time to cook it and will anyone be at home to eat it? By the time the day is done it’s 10:00pm and your exhausted and want to do nothing more than go to sleep. However, it all starts again at 5am.

How could you add anything else to your schedule?

Now imagine this, your father has fallen several times recently and you worry he is not safe in his home alone. When you have stopped by to see him, you’ve noticed expired food in the fridge, burn marks on the pots and pot holders, dents and scratches on his car, and you’ve found his medicine bottles in complete disarray. He can live at home, but he needs help.

Your family needs you, your job needs you, and your parents need you. And you have no more of “you” to give.

The first piece of advice is to do as Conrad Hilton, the Hotel Executive said, “Slow down. You control your life by controlling your time.”

The second piece of advice is to reach out to Senior Care Management Solutions regarding the care for your aging parent. We understand because we live crazy lives too. And we’ve dealt with our own families in their time of need. Caregiver burnout is a real, physical condition. It can literally kill you. In order to control your time and your life, you need help. We can be the resource to give you some peace of mind with your mom or dad when you can’t be there.

Give us a call. There is no obligation. There is no deposit required for service and you may feel free to make changes as often as needed. What you need in your life is freedom. The last thing you need are more rigid rules. We’ll talk and come up with a plan to care for your mom or dad in their home. We’ll direct you to the right resources if home care is not the answer. We will be available 24/7 to help you get through your day to day schedule with the peace of mind that your parent is safe.

“Balancing Your Heart with Your Home.”
Schedule your free in-home assessment by calling 901-387-3837.