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What Makes a Terrific Caregiver?

We Know What it Takes

Since we started Senior Care Management Solutions in 2009, we’ve seen thousands of clients and even more caregivers.  We’ve had the unique ability to identify which qualities are possessed by the best caregivers.  Despite significant employee turnover, a sizable chunk of our caregiver roster has been with us for several years.  Some since the first day. 

You may be looking for someone to care for your mother or father.  The following traits are what we look for in all caregiver applicants.  These traits go above and beyond the typical criteria.  All caregivers are drug screened and background checked.  All have some level of experience caring for the elderly.  These traits go deeper. 

These traits separate the mediocre caregiver from the EXCEPTIONAL caregiver.

  1. Every client and caregiver are different.  Some clients are aggressive and demanding.  Others are docile and submissive.  Some clients like to engage in conversation with a caregiver for hours.  Other clients prefer quiet solitude and would rather be left alone.  When we place a caregiver with a client we believe the pairing will be a success.  Sometimes we are surprised.  If two people get along and have a natural chemistry with one another, all other obstacles can be overcome.

  2. A caregiver must put others first.  Try as they may, some caregivers can’t help but become annoyed with the perpetual tasks of caring for an elderly person.  Family caregivers experience this emotion and that’s why they call us.  They’re burned out.  The ideal caregiver is joyfully willing to help the client with all needs within reason.  They have a “servant heart.”

  3. One who is quick to anger need not be a caregiver.  The elderly move at a slower pace.  Often, they are trying to manage day to day with an illness or a physical disability.  Caregivers must be patient and understanding.  They must not rush their clients, but instead give them calm, reassuring confidence by exercising extreme patience.  Usually, all desired outcomes can be achieved with patience and enough time.

  4. If you’ve hired Senior Care Management Solutions or any other agency to care for your loved one, you count on our caregiver to be on time and present at the time you’ve requested.  It’s imperative.  All your other schedules revolve around the caregiver being with your mom or dad so that you know they are safe.

  5. One of the biggest obstacles we face from families is the fear and anxiety associated with having someone come into the home.  Generally, people don’t want strangers coming into their home for hours at a time.  However, most people when given the option of staying home or moving to a facility would prefer to stay home.  So, they understand that they need help in their home, but they have some fear.  Clients must trust their caregiver.  They must know with unshakable certainty that the caregiver will not harm them, steal from them, lie to them, drop them during a transfer, or do anything that puts them at risk.

SCMS Has You Covered

Do you have an aging loved one that would like to stay safe and independent at home?  Let Senior Care Management Solutions tailor a care-plan specifically for your loved one with a team of exceptional caregivers.

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