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hip recovery at home

Senior Home Care Following Hip Replacement Surgery

Hip replacement surgery has become an extremely common procedure in the past 10 years.

As of 2014, a study by American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons revealed that almost 1% of the U.S. population is living with an artificial hip.  So, whether you are a senior citizen or the adult daughter or son of a senior citizen, it’s likely that you’ve had a hip replacement or you most certainly know someone who’s had one.

Why?  There are a multitude of possible explanations.  Technological advances in the production of artificial hips has produced reliable, durable equipment.  The increase in population, especially the baby boomers, is a factor.  Longer life expectancy, increased activity during youth, trauma, accidents, increase in arthritis, increase in joint pressure due to excessive weight are all possibilities. Sadly, many of our senior citizens undergo hip replacement only after breaking a hip due to a fall.  So, the role of Senior Care is two-fold.  1.  We can help seniors stay safe and avoid falls that lead to broken hips, shoulders, ribs, and knees.  2.  However, once a senior undergoes hip replacement surgery, for whatever reason, they will need assistance in their home to recover safely.  We help with both scenarios:  the before and the after.

Do you notice your mom or dad moving much slower?

Are they reaching for furniture and counter tops to steady themselves as they move through the house?  Have they fallen some recently?  Have you noticed new bruises or cuts?  These are signs that they are not living safely in their own home.  A caregiver, especially during the “high fall times” of the morning and evening, can be a great aide in keeping your mom or dad safe while staying in the comfort of home.

If your mom or dad has fallen and subsequently undergone hip surgery, their recovery can be slow.  Often, much of the recovery is done at home through a home health physical therapist.  Caregivers can assist during this process as well.  Caregivers can help mom or dad perform the exercises prescribed by PT.  They can standby and assist with walking to and from the bathroom and assist with bathing.  Caregivers may accompany mom or dad to the mailbox or on short walks.  Because mom or dad won’t be able to stand for extended periods, caregivers can prepare and serve meals, do the laundry, change bed linens, and complete any light housekeeping duties.

Thanks to the advances in surgery and equipment, recovery is easier than ever.

So the duration of caregiver service may be limited to a few weeks or even days.  As with any case, it’s important that you know that with Senior Care Management Solutions, you and your family have the freedom to change, amend, add or delete service without fear of any penalty.  We will work with you until you no longer need us, and be ready to serve you if you ever need to come back.

Have an aging parent with a scheduled hip replacement surgery?  Call us and get prepared for recovery.

Have an aging parent who’s been falling some recently?  Call us and let us help you create a plan to keep him or her safe at home.

Finally, the rate of total hip replacements for individuals aged 45-69 increased 123% from 2000 to 2009.  So even if YOU are the client in need, even though you are nowhere near the status of “senior,” call us if we can help aide you in your recovery from hip replacement surgery.