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Short Term Care

Here’s the Problem

Let’s say that your mother has undergone a surgical procedure and is set to be discharged tomorrow.  You’ve come to visit her in the hospital before work, during your lunch break, and after work over the last several days.  You know that she’s ready to go home, but you also worry that she may not be safe at home alone.You’ve been splitting time with your sisters while she’s been hospitalized to make sure she gets time with family, but you know that your work and family schedule will not allow you to take any more days off.  Kids have soccer and school projects.  Your spouse will be traveling for work

Mom doesn’t need to go to a nursing home or to a facility.  And she’s already told you that she won’t leave her home to go to a facility under any circumstances.  What is the best option for your peace of mind and insures that mom will be safe?

Thankfully, there is the option for home care

You can secure a little help for a brief period to get mom stronger and back on her feet, then cut the service back.

What’s great about getting in-home care from an agency like Senior Care Management Solutions?

  1. There is no deposit required for service.  You may set a schedule and complete all the agreement paperwork without forking over a nickel.
  2. There is no long-term commitment. You set the schedule as you see fit.  You are in control.  And you can stop the service without any “penalty.”
  3. Flexibility.  What if you set our service up for 5 hours a day from 8a to 1p.  However, once we’ve started, you and mom realize that it would be better to have the service start at 2p and conclude at 7p.  You simply notify our office and make the change.  No problem.

The goal of any service organization is to serve its clients on their terms, giving the people what they want.  That is our intention and our mission at Senior Care Management Solutions:  to be client focused

Here’s the Solution

Now mom is going home and has a caregiver to help her dress and bathe each day.  The caregiver is making her breakfast and lunch and getting her paper.  She’s taking the trash out and cleaning up the kitchen and bathrooms.  The caregiver is encouraging mom to complete her physical therapy exercises, and she makes sure she takes all her medicine on time.  She retrieves the mail and makes sure that mom is walking safely with her walker to and from the bathroom.  Mom in good hands.  You feel a burden lifted.

After two weeks, mom is back to her old self and you no longer need us.  Our work is done, and we are glad to have been a part of her recovery.  Please remember, get a little short-term help from Senior Care to make the transition from hospital to home seamless and safe.

Senior Care Management Solutions:  Balancing Your Heart With Your Home.