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We are selling service and client experience. Not fear.

I read a troubling editorial today that attempted to spread fear amongst senior citizens and their families. The editorial states that pricing should be simple and customer focused. I whole-heartedly agree. It goes on to say that agencies who “distinguish personal care from homemaker services are wrong-headed.” However, is it fair to a client who...

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Covid-19 Procedures For Our Caregivers

We are able to communicate quickly with our entire caregiving staff.  As this situation evolves, we will stay in touch with our staff to let them know of any necessary changes or additional practices.  Our goal is to continue to provide the highest level of service to seniors while keeping them safe and independent in their own...

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Is empathy a part of customer service? In our business, it better be. But think about the other areas of health care. Are providers, administrators, nurses, executive directors, physicians, therapists, care coordinators, social workers, marketing representatives, case managers, insurance agents, etc…etc… Are they empathetic to your situation? Do...

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The Importance of Medicine Reminders

Medicinal Thoughts In my opinion, many younger Americans are overmedicating themselves. They are looking for a magic pill to fix health problems that are a direct correlation to their poor lifestyle choices. However, our elderly population relies heavily on their medication to maintain their health and quality of life. And in some cases, to quite...

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What Makes a Terrific Caregiver?

We Know What it Takes Since we started Senior Care Management Solutions in 2009, we’ve seen thousands of clients and even more caregivers.  We’ve had the unique ability to identify which qualities are possessed by the best caregivers.  Despite significant employee turnover, a sizable chunk of our caregiver roster has been with us for several...

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Short Term Care

Here’s the Problem Let’s say that your mother has undergone a surgical procedure and is set to be discharged tomorrow.  You’ve come to visit her in the hospital before work, during your lunch break, and after work over the last several days.  You know that she’s ready to go home, but you also worry that she may not be safe at home...

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