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post stroke care

Home Care Following a Stroke

You are in the car on the way home from work and you get a call from the hospital. Dad has had a stroke.  He will be treated to remove the clot and will undergo physical therapy to learn to walk again; speech therapy to learn to talk again; occupational therapy to learn to dress himself and feed himself again.  When he goes home, how are...

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extreme weather

Caring for Seniors during Extreme Weather

Recent weather events in Houston have brought disaster response back to the forefront.  How do Senior Care Agencies, like Senior Care Management Solutions, handle adverse weather conditions?  After all, clients are expecting care, and in many cases, can’t live without our caregivers.  So, when roads become impassable or power is out...

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Alzheimer’s: Caring for the Caregiver

After months of suspicion, it’s been confirmed. Your mother has Alzheimer’s Disease. You’ve been in denial, hoping that some of her behavior change was just natural aging. She’s had trouble speaking clearly and has forgotten what everyday items in her house are called. Where she once was an organized, meticulous planner and appointment-keeper, now...

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senior care services

We are selling service and client experience. Not fear.

I read a troubling editorial today that attempted to spread fear amongst senior citizens and their families. The editorial states that pricing should be simple and customer focused. I whole-heartedly agree. It goes on to say that agencies who “distinguish personal care from homemaker services are wrong-headed.” However, is it fair to a client who...

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